PLS-X series – the smart, efficient and powerful new loop drivers from Univox

25 February, 2014

The new X series of professional loop amplifiers manifest efficiency without compromising on power, performance and sound quality. They are capable of driving single, multi-turn and multi-loop configurations, achieving an area coverage up to 900 sqm.

The X series comprises three new models:

  • PLS-X1 – the professional pick for the small meeting room
  • PLS-X3 – the best option for medium sized rooms
  • PLS-X5 – the best choice for the larger perimeter loops

Please note

The X3 and X5 models are first introduced in Europe only and will immediately replace PLS-100 and PLS-300. Supply of European versions of PLS-100 and PLS-300 amplifiers cannot be guaranteed after March 15th when the new PLS-X drivers are available.