SLS-1 completes the Univox Class D Tech-series

20 February, 2017

SLS-1 is a super efficient loop amplifier for smaller meeting rooms with no or moderate metal loss

The launch of SLS-1 completes the Univox Class D Tech Series (SLS-1/3/5). As its older siblings, SLS-1 has groundbreaking features for versatile applications.

The Univox Super Loop System Class D Tech series is based on groundbreaking, fully complementary, multiple class D stages. The high efficiency design has resulted in a series of loop drivers considerably smaller and lighter than their predecessors, with enhanced output power optimized for modern Super Loop (phased array) system design. The combination of Univox technology, electronic transformers and silent fan free operation delivers unsurpassed loop drivers with high audio quality. The advanced and adaptive real time current, temperature and power protection makes SLS-series virtually indestructible with any load or short-circuit. Read more