New CLS series

21 January, 2015

The loop amplifier DLS-50 is now renamed to CLS-1 and is included along with CLS-5 in our Compact Loop System range. The CLS series is a collection of compact, efficient loop amplifiers for professional use.

Univox ®CLS-1

cls-1CLS-1 is designed for counter systems applications like teller desks, check in counters, and cashier points as well as for small domestic areas. A compact powerful loop amplifier with our unique Dual Action AGC developed for versatility and ease of use.

Univox CLS-5


The universal loop driver with diverse appeal is suitable for busses, elevators and large TV lounges.

The CLS-5 can operate from 110-240 VAC and 12-24 VDC, supporting its suitability for a diverse range of applications. Seven inputs, including digital optical and coaxial inputs, means that integrating with any audio system is simple.